Frequently Asked Questions

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1- Where do your products come from?


2- Do you ship internationally?


3-Yardage calculator? 

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4-How is leather made?  

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5-What is the best way to clean leather?

1) We offer a Cleaner and Conditioner for our Pigmented leathers i.e. Focus, Zenith, Capri, Monza, Specialty Prints and Mercury.

2) We also offer a Cleaner and Conditioner for our Aniline leathers i.e. Montana, Dolomite, Cowboy, Cartier and Stella.

3) Novabuk: Most stains i.e. coffee, fruit, ink, dirt, urine and vomit can be cleaned by:
      -Mixing 2 tbsp of ammonia in 1 qt of water
      -Delicately blot the stain with a rag wet with above solution until stain is removed
      -Blot dye with a clean dry cloth

4) For our lighter stains to use a mild soap and a damp cloth to wipe down the leather.

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