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Automotive Collection

Eureka Leather brings the world's finest automotive, marine and aviation leather straight to your door. We source our leather from the Italy and provide exceptional quality, ensuring the leather not only looks beautiful, but also lasts a lifetime. We are proud to offer a luxurious selection of leather for all your automotive needs

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Auto, Motorcycle, Furniture, and Handbags


 is a semi-corrected full-grain pigmented leather. 

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Auto, Motorcycle, Furniture, and Handbags
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Automotive, Furniture and Handbags


Guardian is a soft natural Nappa grain leather with a soft elegant drape on European Hides. 

Logo Eureka Leather


 Auto, Motorcycle, Furniture and Handbags


is a corrected top grain leather with a small pebble grain that is very consistent throughout the hide.  


Automotive Luxury Cars

Luxury Cars Leather

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